Understanding the Human Being Comprehensively:Human Aspirations and its Fulfillment - ROE-074

About UHV

Universal Human Values is an all encompassing, holistic perspective based on the existential reality - It is a proposal about the natural laws, on reality, as it is. The proposals are in a way that anyone can understand it on their own right.
            It facilitates discussion on life goals, reflection on what you are and what you really want to be, on relationships in family, society and with nature/existence. It follows a process of self verification, on the basis of one's own Natural Acceptance, leading to self-empowerment and personal transformation. It can provide the base and details for the sustained well-being of all, i.e. societal transformation. It is not a process of assuming nor a process of do's & don'ts.
         This site is to facilitate the study of Universal Human Values by faculty members as well as students. You can find the schedule for upcoming workshops, faculty development programs and other related events. You may register by calling the contact person mentioned in the schedule. You can also download study material like presentations, practice sessions, how to teach value education, workshop videos etc.A list of universities, where UHV is part of the core curriculum, is included in the materials. Similarly, a list of the resource persons is also included. View more

Forthcoming Workshops

S. No. Date Type Venue Language Registration
1 10- 17 Jan 2017 PSL 1 UIT Allahabad Hindi Completed
2 05 - 12 Jan 2017 PSL 1 Ramswaroop LKO Hindi Completed
3 03 - 10 Jan 2017 PSL 1 MIET Meerut Hindi Completed
4 03 - 10 Jan 2017 PSL 1 JSS Noida Hindi Completed
5 26 Dec 16 - 02 Jan 17 PSL 1 AKG Ghaziabad Hindi Completed
6 24 - 31 Dec 2016 PSL 1 PTU Main Campus, Kapurthala Hindi Completed
7 23 - 30 Dec 2016 PSL 1 Hindustan Mathura Hindi Completed
9 15 - 22 Dec 2016 PSL 1 IET Bhaddal, Ropar Hindi Click Here To Register
10 12 - 19 Dec 2016 PSL 1 ABES Ghaziabad Hindi Click Here To Register
11 8-15 Dec 2016 PSL 1 RVIT Bijnor Hindi Click Here To Register