3 Day Orientation UHV Workshop

The 3-day orientation workshop on universal human values is to facilitate exploration to understand of basic human aspiration and its fulfilment through human education.

        This course employs an effective methodology focusing on the right understanding of human reality vis-a-vis the rest of Existence. This involves discovery of the inherent harmony and co-existence in Existence through self-exploration. The right understanding forms the basis of universal human values and facilitates transformation toward a holistic worldview or the 'human consciousness'.

Expected Outcome (Short Term) :

1. Clarity and commitment for human education.

2. A sense of prosperity - by identifying the definite need for physical facility.

3. Attention toward human relationship - with family, students, subordinates, colleagues and seniors.

4. Increased self discipline & sense of responsibility, reduced need for enforcement by fear/incentive.
Self-Exploration leads to Self-Evolution.

Methodology (Process)

Proposals about the basic principles of human existence are shared for discussion by the facilitator.

What the 3-Day Orientation is NOT

The orientation is not a course in moral science. It does not tell you DOs and DONTs. It does not tell you what you should become, or what you should do. (It only seeks to connect you with your Self and encourages you to seek answers within self).

Overview of the 3-Day Orientation

The basic human aspiration is continuity of happiness and prosperity. This is facilitated and ensured through human society. To ensure human society, it is essential to have an understanding of the basic reality. That is, understanding:

1. Oneself .
2. Other human being as well as the rest of nature/existence .
3. One's living with other human beings as well as living with rest of nature/existence ensuring.
        a. Mutual happiness (justice) in behaviour with human being and.
        b. Mutual prosperity in work with rest of nature.

This orientation program is a set of proposals about this basic human reality. These proposals follow the four guidelines, indicated below:

Universal: Whatever is proposed needs to be universally applicable to all human beings and be true at all times and all places. It should not depend on sect, creed, nationality, race, gender, etc.
Rational: The content should be amenable to logical reasoning, not be based on blind beliefs.
Verifiable: The participant should be able to verify the values by checking with one's own experience, and is not asked to believe just because it is stated in the course.
Leading to Harmony: Values have to enable one to live in peace and harmony within oneself as well as with others (human being and rest of nature).

Reading List

1. 1. A Foundation Course in Human Values and Profession Ethics (Text Book and Teacher's Manual), R. R. Gaur, R. Sangal, G. P. Bagaria (2010), Excel Books, New Delhi [ISBN 978-8-174-46781-2] (available at amazon.com).

Click here for more references:

1. Economy of Permanence - (a quest for social order based on non-violence), J. C. Kumarappa (2010), Sarva-Seva-Sangh-Prakashan, Varansi.

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7. Slow is Beautiful, Cecile Andrews (http://www.newsociety.com/books/s/slow-is-beautiful).

Our Expectations

The workshop is for 3 full days (9:00AM to 7:00PM). You may like to motivate people interested to attend the full workshop (all sessions on all 3 days) to participate.


The workshops (including the proposed orientation) are shared as a gift.
Resource persons do not accept any remuneration or honorarium.

Tentative Schedule

The three-day orientation is designed as 15 inter-dependent sessions. The sessions are interdependent, so continuity of participation is essential. The topics & timings are indicative.