Andhra Pradesh

This foundation course in universal human values and professional ethics is an outcome of long search and extensive experimentation towards evolving an effective and universally acceptable methodology for introducing value education in the present curricula of technical and professional institutes. Thus, it is in response to a long-felt and urgent need to integrate value education with technical and professional skills in the present-day education system.

This course employs an effective methodology focusing on the right understanding of human reality vis-a-vis the rest of Existence. This involves discovery of the inherent harmony and co-existence in Existence through self-exploration. The right understanding forms the basis of universal human values and facilitates transformation toward a holistic worldview or the ‘human consciousness’.

The course structure has 3 sections:
1. Introduction to value education
2. Understanding the harmony at various levels
3. Implications of right understanding in life and profession

The issues in professional ethics are analysed in the context of right understanding with the main focus on the development of ethical competence in the individuals, in contrast to an approach of enforcement of professional ethics through incentives and punishments. The course concludes by proposing several salient steps to undertake the journey toward holistic and value-based living.

As of September 2013, this course is being run at over 4000 colleges in 28 universities across 5 states in India and all colleges of higher learning in Bhutan.

It is our earnest hope that this course will go a long way in facilitating the introduction of value education inputs in professional institutions, technical universities and other institutions of higher learning.