1. Story of Stuff

A documentary about the materials economy – its motivation, process and outcome. It has been produced by a set of concerned people at, USA Please see the Practice Session “PS - D2 Story of Stuff.ppt” for discussion points.

2. Right Here Right Now

A short film directed by Anand Gandhi. It is about human behavior and its propagation.

                                          Part 1:
Part2 :

3. Hiware Bazaar

A documentary about a progressive village in Maharashtra, India. It is about how good governance and people can make significant change in society Please see the Practice Session “PS - D5 Hiware Bazaar.ppt” for discussion points

4. An Inconvenient Truth

A 2006 documentary about global climate change presented by Ex-US Vice President Al Gore. He raises the question “What were you doing when you had the time to do something?” Please see the Practice Session “PS - D6 An Inconvenient Truth.ppt” for discussion points