Two-year M. Tech. in 'Holistic Development, Systems and Technologies (HDST)'

The Need

The need for moving towards sustainable development (holistic development) is now being increasingly felt all over the world. There are international protocols which enjoin upon all the nations to make tangible and planned effort in this direction. This calls for innovative interventions at the level of academic and research, policy planning and systematic effort towards evolving and adopting alternative sustainable model in all walks of life. Accordingly, various universities and professional institutions are trying to introduce appropriate academic as well as research programs to prepare the manpower as well as viable models, technologies and systems catering to towards sustainable development. The expectation of these endeavours is that empowering the future technocrats with right with right understanding, holistic worldview and appropriate technical design and managerial skills will promote progress in this direction.

Government organisations, like the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Ministry of Environment, MoRD, DST as well as many NGO's like TERI, Development Alternatives etc. are looking for people trained in this direction. Similarly, many corporate offices are also demanding personal with this type of competence.

Education provides the vision, motivation and facilitation for the young graduate towards lifestyles that ensure their happiness and prosperity. There is a growing demand for introducing suitable Value Education inputs for UG and PG students in Universities / Institutions of Professional & Higher Education.

Many students who have had access to Value Education are motivated by the holistic vision outlined in their course. It has now become imperative to facilitate such students to further develop the competence to begin to actualize the holistic vision in their life and in the process, work toward a humane society.

This calls for starting suitable post graduate programmes for this purpose.

Programme objective & design

The M. Tech. in Holistic Development ' Systems & Technologies is specifically aimed at developing the competence for designing sustainable technologies and systems; and also develop socially benign entrepreneurship.

This programme is designed as a 60 credit 2 year course over four semesters of 16 weeks each. The long summer break is designated for practical training. The project work will begin during the third semester and continue during the fourth semester.

The entire second semester is devoted to 5 courses covering the design and case studies of holistic systems and sustainable technologies while the first semester is devoted to developing a comprehensive, holistic perspective, which forms the base.

This is a technology and management systems intensive program. The entry criteria for intake to this program include a minimum technical 4-year degree, like B. Tech. With a comprehensive world-view, the student can develop the competence towards the design and implementation of appropriate technologies, systems and entrepreneurship models. The program has built-in flexibility of offering elective streams for specializing in specific areas pertaining to this domain.

The entire course has 3 key integrated components as follows :

1. Holistic Perspective : One of the key foundational elements in this course is the holistic view of nature in terms of integrated and mutually enriching systems. In this course, the fundamental laws of nature are discussed which eventually become the basis for evolving sustainable systems & technologies. The core idea of such an input is to enable a student to develop technologies and systems which are people-friendly as well as eco-friendly.
2. Sustainable, Holistic Technologies:Based on the realistic perception of natural laws, the criterion and parameters to develop & innovate sustainable technologies are described. Based on these criterions, the students are able to make an assessment of the existing technologies from holistic view point. They are guided to design technologies and systems which are more sustainable and nature friendly. They are encouraged to take up these technologies/systems as their means of livelihood.
3. Holistic Systems:This course aims at promoting & evolving equitable and just systems to ensure mutual fulfilment for all stakeholders. One of the central point of promoting this holistic systems is identification of relationships between every two individuals and their further participation in the overall system.

Eligibility Criteria for HDST (2 Year M. Tech.):

  • Graduate in any technical field (usually 4 year degree) or equivalent. E.g. BE/B. Tech./MCA.
  • Individuals having entrepreneurial experience committed to deep study of the subject and who intend to independently work hands-on a sustainable, mutually enriching entrepreneurial venture and to teach Universal Human Values & Ethics after the program would be given priority.
  • Qualifying candidates with GATE scores would be given priority.
  • From India or from outside India.
  • Commitment for independent, hands-on research in Universal Human Values and socially relevant, sustainable & mutually enriching systems / technology Concern for society.
  • Proficiency in English (course is taught in English). Proficiency in Punjabi and Hindi are desirable.

Institution which are offering this course : IKG - PTU

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