PSL 1 / UHV 111 Workshop

This 8-day residential workshop is an intensive learning experience that seeks to bring one's attention to neglected and subtle facets of life; issues related to interpersonal relations, education, society, environment, aspirations, success are discussed and participants are provided critical tools to help them explore the rich web of connections between seemingly disparate aspects of life. It is a process of guided introspection, of 'doing philosophy' rather than studying it. There is no sermonizing; the facilitator presents sets of proposals, and helps participants bring their attention to bear on the inner workings of their thoughts, fears and aspirations. Gradually one begins to interrogate hidden assumptions and get a sharper, clearer view of the whole intricate fabric of life; one begins to see new possibilities for positive human action. The idea is to trigger an empowering, self-critical inner dialogue that begins with the workshop, but doesn't end with it.

      All of us strive to achieve the goals set by us and we expect that the achievement of the goal will make our life happier. But every time, our pursuit is shaped by a particular belief system, either borrowed from others or designed by us!

This workshop on Human Values

  • Provides an opportunity to question your own beliefs and explore the human life in a holistic perspective.
  • Helps you understand yourself and your relation with the family, society, nature and the whole existence.
  • Creates an awareness of the innate human values, which are intact and invariant in all of us.
  • It does not prescribe any DOs and DONTs; but it gives you the opportunity to self-explore, and validate or replace your assumptions.

For faculties

The workshop is a starting point in preparing teachers who have a responsibility to teach this human values as a subject in their institutions and also called as Faculty Development Program (FDP). Once they go through a FDP, they refine their personal perspective on value education, on education, and on teaching. They are equipped to share the content effectively. There is ample scope for advanced study in this area. The validation of advancement is directly visible in living, rather than in 'academic' achievement alone.

      This workshop/FDP is designed to essentially start a process of self-exploration and facilitate going through the key proposals in this course. The process of self-exploration is the critical part, and this usually gets focused only when one participates actively in a TOP.

For individuals & young ones

This workshop will enable you to make prudent choices in life and profession to ensure the continuity of happiness. It's the prime time of your life to reason out, investigate and build a vision of your life, before you start investing your time and energies into actualizing your plans.

      Apart from these the workshop is also a platform for discussing a wide range of issues like Education, Reality, Happiness, Success, Aspirations and gaining an understanding on our Nature, Relationships, Environment, Social Issues, and Self-Confidence.

Content of the PSL1 Workshop

  • Introduction to Universal Human Values and Value Education - Content and Process; Understanding basic human aspirations and their fulfilment .
  • Understanding harmony at various levels.
    1. Understanding the human being as co-existence of the 'Self' and the 'Body' - harmony in the 'self' - harmony with the body - their implications.
    2. Understanding Human- to-Human relationships and inherent values - harmony in the family.
    3. Understanding harmony in the Society - from family order to world family order - comprehensive human goal and its actualization
    4. Understanding harmony in Nature and in Existence - discovering Co-existence at all levels - interconnectedness, self-regulation, recyclability, mutual fulfilment & enrichment
  • Implications of the right understanding - realization of co-existence at all levels - holistic worldview, holistic systems and technologies.
  • Ethical human conduct - the universal ethics.
  • Strategies for transition towards inculcation and implementation of right understanding.

PSL1 Workshop Schedule

S. No. Date Type Venue Language Registration
1 10- 17 Jan 2017 PSL 1 UIT Allahabad Hindi Click Here To Register
2 05 - 12 Jan 2017 PSL 1 Ramswaroop LKO Hindi Click Here To Register
3 03 - 10 Jan 2017 PSL 1 MIET Meerut Hindi Click Here To Register
4 03 - 10 Jan 2017 PSL 1 JSS Noida Hindi Click Here To Register
5 26 Dec 16 - 02 Jan 17 PSL 1 AKG Ghaziabad Hindi Click Here To Register
6 26 Dec 16 - 02 Jan 17 PSL 1 ABES Ghaziabad Hindi Click Here To Register
7 23 - 30 Dec 2016 PSL 1 Hindustan Mathura Hindi Click Here To Register
8 21 - 28 Dec 2016 PSL 1 IIT Kanpur Hindi Click Here To Register
9 15 - 22 Dec 2016 PSL 1 IET Bhaddal, Ropar Hindi Click Here To Register
10 24 - 31 Dec 2016 PSL 1 PTU Main Campus, Kapurthala Hindi Click Here To Register
11 8-15 Dec 2016 PSL 1 RVIT Bijnor Hindi Click Here To Register

Past Workshop Schedules

12 10-17 July, 2016 PSL 1 CST, Bhutan Eng completed
13 8-15 July, 2016 PSL 1 IIT Kanpur Hindi completed
14 30Jun-7Jul, 2016 PSL 1 ABES, Ghaziabad Hindi completed
15 22-29 June, 2016 PSL 1 IIT Kanpur Hindi completed
16 17-24 June, 2016 PSL 1 AKG, Ghaziabad Hindi completed
17 24-31 May, 2016 PSL 1 Hindustan, Mathura Hindi completed
18 20-27 May, 2016 PSL 1 RVIT Bijnor Hindi completed


There is no pre-requisite to attend this workshop and anyone who is comfortable in that language can attend the workshop with their family but with prior registration. Since, seats are limited.
Please note that the workshop is of an integrated nature and has to be attended in its entirety. It may not be attended partially.

Cost of the Workshop

This workshop is conducted with a feeling born out of responsibility and these workshops are offered as gifts to the society. So, there is no "fee" for the workshop. However, the cost of boarding & fooding for each participant will be borne by themselves. Nobody is ever denied participation in the workshop due to inability to make a monetary contribution. Typically these workshops end up self-financing as participants do contribute responsibly.