PSL 2 UHV Workshop

This is also a 8-day residential workshop, but after PSL1 and an intensive learning experience that seeks to bring one's attention towards the most important 'self' by Understand the Human Being comprehensively. It is a process of guided introspection, of 'doing philosophy' rather than studying it. There is no sermonizing; the facilitator presents sets of proposals, and helps participants bring their attention to the activities and potentialities of the self; what causes harmony/disharmony in the self leading to harmony at all levels from self to Nature and entire Existence.

Content of the PSL2 Workshop

  Understanding the Human Being Comprehensively

  • Recapitulating - the basic human aspirations and their fulfillment through Right understanding and Resolution. All-encompassing Resolution for a Human Being, its details and solution of problems in the light of Resolution.
  • The domain of right understanding starts from understanding the human being (the knower, the experiencer and the doer); goes up to understanding nature/existence - its interconnectedness and co-existence; and finally understanding the role of human being in existence (human conduct) .
  • Understanding the human being comprehensively is the first step and the core theme of this course; human being as co-existence of the self and the body; the activities and potentialities of the self; what causes harmony/disharmony in the self.
  • The need and the process of inner evolution (through self-exploration, self-awareness and self-evaluation)- particularly awakening to activities of the Self: Realization, Understanding and Contemplation in the Self (Realization of Co-Existence, Understanding of Harmony in Nature and Contemplation of Participation of Human in this harmony/ order).
  • Understanding different aspects of All-encompassing Resolution (understanding, wisdom, science etc.).
  • Holistic way of living for Human Being with All-encompassing Resolution covering all four dimensions of human endeavour viz., realization, thought, behavior and work (participation in the larger order) leading to harmony at all levels from self to Nature and entire Existence


The participants have must cleared all the concept covered in PSL1 not only theoretically but are able to see & apply in their living. It has been noticed that It's better to attend PSL 2 workshop after attending the full 8 days - residential PSL 1 workshop atleast twice at the interval of more than 6 to 12 month. Since, seats are limited, prior registration is must And the request will be only confirmed by the permission of facilitator.
       Please note that the workshop is of an integrated nature and has to be attended in its entirety. It may not be attended partially.

PSL2 Workshop Schedule

S. No. Date Type Venue Language Registration
1 17- 25 Jan 2017 PSL 2 MS3, Mandhana,Kanpur English Completed

Cost of the Workshop

This workshop is conducted with a feeling born out of responsibility and these workshops are offered as gifts to the society. So, there is no "fee" for the workshop. However, the cost of boarding & fooding for each participant will be borne by themselves. Nobody is ever denied participation in the workshop due to inability to make a monetary contribution and can volunteer. Typically these workshops end up self-financing as participants do contribute responsibly.