Refresher UHV Workshop

The Refresher Workshop is an 8-Day Residential Workshop which is meant for faculty members and others who have an exposure to Universal Human Values, through participation in the Faculty Development Program (FDP).

Expected Outcome (Short Term)

Clarity and commitment for human education

     The FDP is designed to help start a process of self-exploration. The process of self-exploration is the critical part, and this usually gets focused only when one participates actively in an FDP and continues the exploration thereafter. One FDP is a starting point in preparing teachers who have a responsibility to teach this subject. Once they go through an FDP, they refine their personal perspective on value education, on education, and on teaching.  They are equipped to share the content effectively. Once they start teaching, many things may click for them, many questions may surface.
     Proposals about the basic principles of human existence are shared for discussion by the facilitator.

The Refresher Workshop is meant for helping the participant in further self-exploration, by
     1. Facilitating discovery of the answers to real-life questions .
     2. Delving into the depth of key proposals .
     3. Proposing the process for sharing values .