Who we are

This website contains teaching-learning material related to the courses on Universal Human Values (UHV) being offered by various universities and by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

This effort on UHV is in continuation with the tradition of self-enquiry, for the wellbeing of all…

It draws upon the universal essence of human explorations in this direction. It encourages the learner to discover what they consider valuable. Accordingly, they are able to discriminate between valuable and the superficial in real situations in their life. It enables them to discover and understand the innate value of human being in every aspect of life (individual, family, society, nature/existence), reinforce the commitment and courage to live accordingly.


The self-exploration of UHV proposals helps the self-exploring learner to develop:

  • A holistic vision of life
  • Socially responsible behaviour
  • Ethical human conduct
  • Having competence and capabilities for maintaining health and hygiene
  • Appreciation and aspiration for excellence (merit) and gratitude for all

These are the common attributes expected in every graduate. These are indicators of development of the full human potential expected by NEP 2020.

UHV is amenable for mainstream education at all levels, from pre-school to higher education by means of courses and activities for students, developmental programs for faculty and vision enhancing workshops for management and policy makes.

The UHV proposals are:
  • Universal, i.e., applicable to every human being for all time and places, irrespective of caste, creed, gender, sect, etc.
  • Rational, i.e., it has to appeal to reasoning and not be based on dogmas or blind beliefs. It has to be open to address the related questions. It cannot be a set of sermons or do’s and don’ts.
  • Verifiable, i.e., it has to be naturally acceptable to the human being and experientially verifiable in
  • All encompassing, i.e., covering all aspects of living
  • Leading to harmony, i.e., it ultimately needs to promote harmony in all dimensions of human living (individual, family, society, nature/existence)