Course Objectives:

  • 1. To help the students having the clarity about human aspirations, goal, activities and purpose of life.
  • 2. To facilitate the competence to understand the harmony in nature/existence and participation of human being in the nature/existence.
  • 3. To help the students to develop the understanding of human tradition and its various components.

Course Methodology:

  • 1. The methodology of this course is explorational and thus universally adaptable. It involves a systematic and rational study of the human being vis-à-vis the rest of existence.
  • 2. It is free from any dogma or set of do’s and don’ts related to values.
  • 3.It is a process of self-investigation and self-exploration, and not of giving sermons. Whatever is found as truth or reality is stated as a proposal and the students are facilitated and encouraged to verify it in their own right, based on their Natural Acceptance and subsequent Experiential Validation.
  • 4.This process of self-exploration takes the form of a dialogue between the teacher and the students to begin with, and then to continue within the student leading to continuous self-evolution.
  • 5.This self-exploration also enables them to critically evaluate their pre-conditionings and present beliefs.​

Course Syllabus

Module 1:

Introduction-Basic Human Aspiration, its fulfillment through All-encompassing Resolution. The basic human aspirations and their fulfillment through Right understanding and Resolution, Right understanding and Resolution are the activities of the Self, Self is central to Human Existence; All-encompassing Resolution for a Human Being, its details and solution of problems in the light of Resolution. ​

Module 2:

Right Understanding (Knowing)- Knower, Known & the Process.
The domain of right understanding starts from understanding the human being (the knower, the experiencer and the doer); and extends up to understanding nature/existence – its interconnectedness and co-existence; and finally understanding the role of human being in existence (human conduct). ​

Module 3:

Understanding Existence (including Nature).
A comprehensive understanding (knowledge) about the existence, which certainly includes the Nature. The need and the process of inner evolution (through self-exploration, self-awareness and self-evaluation)- particularly awakening to activities of the Self: Realization, Understanding and Contemplation in the Self (Realization of Co-Existence, Understanding of Harmony in Nature and Contemplation of Participation of Human in this harmony/ order leading to comprehensive knowledge about the existence).

Module 4:

Understanding Human Being.
Understanding the human being comprehensively is the first step and the core theme of this course; human being as co-existence of the self and the body, the activities and potentialities of the self, Reasons for harmony/contradiction in the self.

Module 5:

Understanding Human Conduct, All-encompassing Resolution & Holistic Way of Living.
Understanding Human Conduct, Understanding different aspects of All-encompassing Resolution (understanding, wisdom, science etc.), Holistic way of living for Human Being with All-encompassing Resolution covering all four dimensions of human endeavour viz., realization, thought, behavior and work (participation in the larger order) leading to harmony at all levels from self to Nature and entire Existence.


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