"All great people of the world have tried to realise the truth and to live by it in terms of love and compassion. They have tried to : Understand themselves (human being) Understand the underlying harmony in nature, in existence They have tried to understand the role of the human being in nature, in existence, to live by it, and to develop an equitable and just society which ensures the wellbeing of all For all such great people, we have a deep feeling of gratitude."

This effort on Universal Human Values (UHV) is in continuation with that tradition of self-enquiry, for the wellbeing of all :

  1. It draws upon universal essence of these explorations.
  2. It is put forth as proposals for self-exploration on one’s own right.
  3. It is a systematic study of the harmony – from individual to family, society and nature/existence.
  4. It is a proposal about the natural laws, about the reality, as it is – in a way that anyone can explore and understand it on their own right.
  5. It follows a process of self verification, on the basis of one’s own Natural Acceptance, leading to self-confidence and self- evolution.
  6. It encourages students to discover what they consider valuable. Accordingly, they are able to discriminate between valuable and the superficial in real situations in their life.
  7. It enables the student to discover and understand the innate value of human being in every aspect of life (individual, family, society, nature/existence), reinforce the commitment and courage to live accordingly.