Welcome to our Publications page, the gateway to a realm of educational resources for holistic, value-based education rooted in universality, reason, and harmony. We invite you to embark on a profound journey of self-exploration, and the cultivation of your innate possibilities. Our collection features a range of textbooks, workbooks, and teachers' manuals designed by members of the "UHV Team". These resources empower learners to evaluate the contents that resonate with their higher Self, inner voice and verify them of relevance for living a fulfilling life.

Embark on a Journey of Universal Understanding, Inner Growth, Ethical Wisdom, and Creative Excellence: Holistic Value-based Education

Our mission transcends ordinary education. We're dedicated to providing resources that ignite curiosity, promote rationality, and lead to a harmonious existence. Beyond rote memorization, our publications encourage you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, inner fulfillment, practical wisdom, and creative excellence. This journey equips you to use your knowledge, skills, and innovative thinking to address real-world challenges, making positive contributions to society while safeguarding the wellbeing of all.

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Text Books: Understanding Harmony and Ethical Human Conduct

These are an outcome of the long-drawn search, visualization and experimentation by the team to evolve an effective and universally acceptable content and methodology for introducing value education in the present curricula of mainstream education. Thus, it is in response to a long-felt and urgent need to incorporate human values in education along with information and skills. A unique methodology focusing on the right understanding of the human reality vis-à-vis rest of existence has been systematically presented in the text books. This involves the discovery of the inherent harmony and co-existence in entire existence forming the basis of Universal Human Values and facilitating transformation towards holistic and humane world-vision. This holistic vision can then serve as a guide to absorption, utilization of information and skills.

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Workbooks: Unveiling Innate Human Possibilities and Creative Problem-Solving

Education is more than the transfer of information; it's a transformative process. Our workbooks provide a canvas for your growth, inviting you to navigate your thoughts and emotions while also delving into creative, innovative problem-solving. Through interactive exercises and introspection, you'll uncover your innate possibilities and develop skills that serve not only your personal advancement but also the ethical betterment of society; all founded on a holistic, humane world-vision.

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Teachers' Manuals: Guiding the Journey of Self-Exploration, Ethical Application, and Innovation

Educators are mentors for helping their wards, students to discover their inherent latent human potential. Our teachers' manuals are your companions in this role. They offer guidance to create classrooms that encourage self-reflection, practical skill development, ethical considerations, and the responsible use of innovation. By nurturing students' innate potential and fostering an environment of introspection, you'll cultivate not only academic excellence but also the ability to harness innovation and creativity for the greater good.

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Expanding Accessibility: Translations into Indian Languages

To ensure that this wisdom reaches every corner of our diverse Nation, we're committed to translating our resources into all contemporary Indian languages. This effort aims to provide access to these insights and guidance to a broader audience, fostering a deeper connection with our cultural heritage and enabling learners to apply this wisdom in their own lives and communities.


In the spirit of universalisation of knowledge for the wellbeing of all, we are making effort for the availability of our work to all unconditionally. The contents of all our publications may be used for educational purposes, both formal (main stream as well as alternative) and informal. Hence, all our work is licensed under CC0 1.0. To view a copy of this license, please visit publicdomain/zero/1.0

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