We are “the UHV Team”, a group of passionate volunteers driven by a shared mission: to understand the essence of existence and live in harmony with it. Since the early 1980s, we have been dedicating our time and effort pro-bono for holistic education which can ensure the nourishment of universal human values and contribute to societal development.

We believe that the wellbeing of the individual (swarth), the wellbeing of others (pararth), and the wellbeing of all (paramarth) are intrinsically interconnected and mutually fulfilled. We envision a world where wisdom, self-awareness, and the betterment of all are not just lofty ideals, but lived realities. We support one another on this collective journey towards holistic understanding, knowledge, and wisdom so that:

  1. We can ourselves live with fulfilment, with human conduct and
  2. Contribute towards a humane society in which we live with mutually fulfilling behaviour with people and ensure mutual enrichment in the entire nature We feel that education should be holistic and value-based, transcending the conventional skill-building paradigm. For that, we interact, discuss and dialogue with educators. This website is with the trust that together we will take steps together towards achieving these goals.

All are welcome to volunteer, be a part of this group and contribute.