The specific objectives are:

  • To help the student to see the need for developing a holistic perspective of life.
  • To sensitise the student about the scope of life – individual, family (inter-personal relationship), society and nature/existence.
  • Strengthening self-reflection.
  • To develop more confidence and commitment to understand, learn and act accordingly

The purpose is to help develop a holistic perspective about life. A self-reflective methodology of teaching is adopted. It opens the space for the student to explore his/her role (value) in all aspects of living – as an individual, as a member of a family, as a part of the society and as an unit in nature.

The context of the UHV-I module is the Student Induction program (SIP), which has been formulated with specific goals to help newly joined students to:

  • Become familiar with the ethos and culture of the institution. (based on institutional culture and practices)
  • Set a healthy daily routine, create bonding in batch as well as between faculty members and students.
  • Get an exposure to a holistic vision of life, develop awareness, sensitivity and understanding of the Self-family-Society-Nation-International-Entire Nature.
  • Facilitate them in creating new bonds with peers and seniors who accompany them through their college life and beyond.
  • Overcome weaknesses in some essential professional skills – only for those who need it (e.g. Mathematics, Language proficiency modules).

Follow up

The SIP is only the beginning of the interaction with newly joined students.

An important part of the SIP is to associate one faculty mentor to every small groups of about 20 students; and also associate one senior student buddy to an even smaller groups of about five students for the guidance required for holistic development of the newly joined student throughout his/her time in the institution/college. As these students become senior, they can act as buddies for their junior students. This will give them a chance to take the role of elder sibling.


UHV-1 Introduction in SIP

UHV SIP Sampler