UHV-V: Human Values in Various Philosophies (Darshans) and Schools of Thought

Course Objectives:

  • To help students understand the basic principles of Madhyasth Darshan.
  • To help students understand the existential realities including the human existence through Madhyasth Darshan.
  • To help them to see the participation of human beings in the nature/ existential realities (i.e., human values) and therefore the human conduct through this understanding
  • To help students apply this understanding to make their living better at different levels- individual, family, society and nature
  • To facilitate the students in applying this understanding in their profession and lead an ethical life

Course Outcomes:

    On completion of this course, the students will be able to
  • 1. Understand the basic concepts of Madhyasth Darshan
  • 2. Understand the human being, the needs and activities of human being through Madhyasth Darshan
  • 3. Understand the whole existence
  • 4. Understand the role of human being in the entire existence, thus getting clarity about values at all levels of living and human conduct
  • 5. Understand the foundation of human society and human tradition


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